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Teadore is a 100% Natural Loose Leaf Tea Company. We believe the source and blend of all our ingredients is the foundation for the perfect cup of tea. Based in Alberta, Canada, Teadore uses the finest local organic herbal ingredients while consciously selecting international organic teas to create unique and lively blends.

Teadore Co is a lifestyle focused brand built on a foundation of Local, Natural, Organic, and Wellness values. The health benefits, physical & emotional, and holistic values gained by drinking quality teas is known throughout our culture. But this is why we thrive to expand tea culture – to discover and educate people with different lifestyles, passions, and backgrounds.

Connecting the tea drinker to our teas on a unique and personal level, Teadore embraces its values of wellness and taste while offering accessibility and convenience. This starts with our unique Local community, Alberta and Western Canada. We believe that there is a cup of tea for everyone, and the ingredients and purpose can be found, and applied, close to home.

Life Balance. We achieve this balance through sport, hobbies, work, leisure, and adventure. These activities shape and define our unique lives. We want our tea to enhance those accomplishments and accommodate a more enjoyable experience.

With YOUR passion and OUR determination, together we are Bringing Tea To Life.

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